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From the intention to create an eco-friendly fashion brand, Khun Xiu Xiu – Miss Kanjira Songpaisan set out to search high and low to find the way to start a sustainable innovative and creative business. Thus, TAKTAI was born from the idea to express organic and casual lifestyle, using unique natural and recycled fibers crafted by Thai artisans, to inspire others to live simple life in harmonious with nature.

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TAKTAI’s first piece of textile was hand-woven from the generosity of locals in the weaving community whose skills are widely loved and praised. From our trial and error to utilize “bamboo” fibers, we finally succeed in creating an exquisite textile by combing local wisdom with our unique modern innovation and becoming one of many ways to pass on this precious wisdom to the next generations.


We are always enthusiastic at finding something new. Our next step is to explore to world to find the right fibers as our materials. Whether it is natural fiber or recycled fiber made with great care about our planet, it can be transformed into an inspirational work to perfect our TAKTAI natural clothing brand.


We believe that “A sustainable fashion business can happen with a commitment”. TAKTAI emphasizes the all-round development of product by promoting and building on local wisdom and using our materials wisely. As we are committed to be a truly environmental-friendly fashion brand, we try our best to reduce waste by reuse pieces of cloth left after cutting, bringing it back again as a new product.


Because we fall in love in the delicate craftsmanship made from remarkable local wisdom and culture that we want metropolitans to appreciate, TAKTAI handcraft was born. We are committed to pass on the happiness from the weavers to urbanite’s wardrobes which is not only infused with exquisite craftsmanship but also full of creative energy. We are determined develop TAKTAI’s unique fiber with bamboo-weaving innovation which we design into a modern fashion product under the name TAKTAI ORIGINAL. Moreover, we also create TAKTAI Tee, a unisex line made from recycled fibers. Our comfortable T-Shirts will blend seamlessly with teenage lifestyle in hope that everyone can proudly be a part of environmental preservation.

Taktai Fabrics


We produce bamboo fibers into yarn by a high-pressure steam blasting process. And we called "Natural Bamboo". This natural fiber is different from "Viscose Bamboo", the process of bringing bamboo into yarn with chemicals, normally used in other countries. Bamboo fiber cannot be spun into yarn because of its short length. We need to mix with cotton first to make the yarn. In the future, we're looking for developing the yarn to contain more bamboo fiber.
"Bamboo Fabric" gives soft, shiny qualities with natural patterns of woven bamboo fibers. Further has 99.94% antibacterial and UV protection, and temperature adaptive. Causing cool in hot weather and warmth in the winter season.


Linen is produced from flex trees, which are popularly grown in Europe. The process of linen production begins with ferment stalks to produce soft fibers. Then tied together and leave until dried.
Use a large crushing machine to break the stalk into fibers. Then spun into yarn.
Linen has properties similar to cotton. Tough fiber, more durable and glossier than cotton. But less stretch and wrinkled. There are many types of linen fabrics, from fine fabrics to coarse fabrics. Suitable for various Usages—clothing, tablecloths, hand towels, aprons, etc.

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