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TAKTAI Forward-Ton Tor Ton Project in Lamphun

TAKTAI Forward-Ton Tor Ton Project in Lamphun

We are excited to visit one more school this week. This time, we head out of Bangkok and go directly into the southern portion for a short trip-Lamphun Province! We'll be visiting Ban Mae Lan School which lies in Li District within Lamphun province.

The summer months are when the problem of smog and forest fires becomes a major concern for those living in Northern regions.

When the summer starts, there is always a problem in the Northern region. This time it's "smog and forest fires". One of these problems can be easily seen with our eyes as we live here; they affect not only people but also animals who depend on this natural environment for survival! To help them out ,the team organized activities educating kids about soil microorganisms (soil),forests themselves--including what causes pyroclastic density currents which sometimes flow down hillsides towards villages like ours when logs get burnt during dry seasons.

The local tree planting activity within the school is what makes it so great. teaching children to observe and care for their environment, as they plant suitable trees in areas like schools' vegetable garden plots or around lawns that could use some greenery! We have 200 plants in total.

The event was a great success with teachers and students from Ban Mae Lan School joining together in learning fun activities. This is an example of a community coming together to help make their school better, stronger than before! We hope you will join us on this journey towards greening up our surroundings while working hard at all times - it's what makes school so rewarding!"

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