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Impact Report

Impact Report

Business with purpose
We are proud of the company that we have built, and it's not just because our products make people happy.
It is also due to how this business helps others succeed by being environmentally conscious; going green will provide for a better future!
Raw materials selection
With our natural fibers, you can be sure that there is less chemical or pesticide used in their production.
They come from a safe and healthy process! It's hard to believe these clothes are actually made from plants!
Sustainably sourced
There are many ways to find the perfect fiber for your clothing. First of all you should test and analyze different fibers from natural sources.
You'll also be helping out farmers by using this method since it's more eco-friendly than synthetic fabrics too.
Green Shipping
We work hard to keep the impact on our environment minimal.
We do this by using recycled paper and reducing transport emissions as much as possible, which can be seen in each of your packages!
Reuse and Resale of Returned Goods
The circulation of used products can help to reduce waste by prolonging their life cycle and sustainability.
Reducing the circulation of used products and recycling them for a second time can help reduce waste by up to 40%!


With a made to order product, you are guaranteed of getting exactly what your heart desires. Not only does this generate more happy customers but also eliminates waste consumption because each customer gets their own customized item tailored just for them!

Quality Fabrics

Quality has the power to eliminate false choices. Customer satisfaction is a step in less harmful environment waste production, because it prompts companies and consumers alike towards healthier practices that will last for generations!

Rewearing what you have

Mix and match our stylishly designed outfits to create your perfect outfit for any occasion.

There is no need for waste because you can mix-and -match these timeless & versatile designs with other occasions, making it easy as pie!

Mindfully crafted by hand

Let's give our local community a boost by supporting small-scale producers! By buying their products, you're helping these hardworking individuals succeed and thrive.

Giving Back

  • Good planets are hard to find: Trees are necessary for us to survive. They give oxygen, fruits, clean the air, provide shelter to wildlife, and prevent soil erosion. A shady landscape around your home can help you to reduce the consumption of energy and keep your home cool even during summers.
  • Taking care of our environment is something that's close to all of us at Taktai. That’s why in 2021, we started a project called 'Taktai Forward'. The purpose? To give back andsupport charities by donating money so they can plant trees!
 Sustainable Development Goals
The earth is a beautiful place that deserves to be appreciated. We want you and your family not just for today, but generations from now too! That's why we follow sustainable development goals so love can remain on this planet forevermore.
B corp practices
We're committed to being a sustainable company. We follow B corp practices so that we can continue operating in an environmentally conscious manner, pursuing profit with respect for our planet's natural resources and founding principles of social justice
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