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Tencel Wavy Skirt Decorated With Drawstring-TAKTAI

Tencel Wavy Skirt Decorated With Drawstring-TAKTAI

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This Tencel wavy skirt is made of Tencel blended with bamboo fibers. Its traditionally ruffled hem, drawstring waistband, and comfortable lining make it not only cute but also sweet. The length is just right to wear with anything, and it looks smooth. The fluffiness of the skirt is combined with the natural texture of the fabric, so this look is like coming out of a flower garden.

You will be able to feel confident in your new outfit because you know that you are wearing something that feels good on your skin as well as looking great! In addition, we have many other colors available for purchase so check them all out today!

Product Features

  • A beautiful and feminine addition to your wardrobe
  • Robust fabric that will last for years and has a natural, graceful quality
  • Stylish yet comfortable; it can be dressed up or down
  • Dreamy and whimsical but practical
  • Looks like coming out of a flower garden

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Introducing Materials

Bamboo fiber is naturally antibacterial, making it ideal for people with sensitive skin. In addition,bamboo is a highly environmentally friendly crop. It requires very little water to grow, and it can be harvested without damaging the plant. Bamboo is an extremely soft and comfortable fabric

Linen is one of the most widely used fabrics and it comes directly from the flax plant. Known as a strong, durable, and absorbent fabric, linen is almost always found and used as a fabric for bedding because it’s soft, comfortable

Rayon is a manufactured regenerated cellulosic fiber derived from wood pulp. Rayon is typically made of wood. Rayon are comfortable and breathable to wear.

Polyester Recycled materials ensure that post-consumer waste is utilized rather than virgin resources. As this is 100% polyester, it can be recycled again. Due to the tight weave and finish, it is long-lasting ensuring a durable product.

Tencel is made from the wood pulp of oak and birch trees wood that is harvested from natural forests. These trees require very less water, no toxic pesticides and they grow fast.which is eco-friendly and sustainable. 

Cotton is sustainable, renewable, and biodegradable, making it an excellent choice as an environmentally-friendly fiber throughout its entire product life cycle.

Introducing Natural Fabrics

Linen blended with bamboo manufactured fibers environmentally-friendly fabric as it requires fewer resources to grow and process, and is biodegradable. Fibers are much stronger and more lustrous than cotton. Linen fabrics are very cool and absorbent.

Rayon fabrics are generally used to give clothes that soft, flowy look ,rayon blended with bamboo manufactured fibers and can vouch for their extreme comfort levels.

Recycled polyester blended with bamboo manufactured fibers this fabric has been truly glowing. It is soft, supple. One side has the sheen that you would expect from a satin weave technique and feels slinky on the skin.

Tencel blended with bamboo manufactured fibers soft & pleasant to the skin. Its versatility to be combined with a wide range of textiles fibers can vouch for their extreme comfort levels.

Cotton fabric It's almost pure cellulose, with softness and breathability that have made it the world's most popular natural fiber.