Visiting and Shopping

Q1:  Where can I visit the Shop?

  1. Taktai Flagship Store: Siam Center rm. 146  1st floor. 
    Rama I rd. Pathumwan, Bangkok postcode 10330
    Call (+66)61-681-4664
  2. Taktai Pop-up Store: Siam Discovery  4th floor. Zone Ecotopia.
    Rama I rd. Pathumwan, Bangkok postcode 10330
  3. Taktai Online Channel:
    Website: www.taktaibrand.com | Facebook: taktaibrand | Instagram: taktaibrand | 
    Line: @taktaibrand | E-mail: Hello@taktaibrand.com

Q2: How to buy a made-to-measure?

Contact us at TAKTAI Flagship store for body measurement on the open days (Mon-Sun) at 10 a.m. – 10 p.m. For measurement reservation and more information call (+66)61-681-4664.

Q3: What is the benefit of Membership? (TAKTAI Family Card)

In return for your purchases. When your order has reached the specific amount, you will be able to register as a member and received a TAKTAI Family Card.—collects your purchase points and provides rewards throughout the membership period.

Payments methods

Q1: How Many payment methods can I use?

We have a variety of payment options for your convenience payments. We accept cash, transfer and debit/credit cards for both Offline and Online stores.

Delivery Policy

Q1: How do TAKTAI manage the delivery service?

After online shopping purchased, you can choose to pick up at ‘TAKTAI Flagship store’ or shipping to your address by Thai Post Service and other delivery services with no shipping fee. For urgent required, we will use a distance-based fee messenger service.

Q2: How long does the delivery take?

We will deliver by registered mail within 24 hours after the payment. It takes 2-3 days for Bangkok Metropolitan Region and 2-6 days for upcountry.

Q3: What should I do if I did not receive a product or received the wrong product?

Please contact us immediately through the way you have purchased. If we find out to be our mistake, we will resolve the problem as soon as possible.

Product Warranty

Q1: How to exchange your product?

You can bring your purchased products with the receipt to exchange at the ‘TAKTAI Flagship Store’ within 7 days of purchasing. No exchange after the warranty period. The warranty period will end for tag removing, washing, and stain from wearing.

Q2: How to receive the clothing repair service?

You can receive the service at TAKTAI Flagship Store and pick up in 1-2 weeks or choose to ship to your address. The delivery fee will be charged.

Product Maintenance

Q1: How to maintain the products?

Our products crafted from natural fibers which are needed clothing cares as other natural fabric types. You can do this by following these instructions. Put the products in a washing bag for laundry. Use hand-wash mode on the Washing machine or low-speed on the spin dryer. However, Hand Washing is preferred to the laundry to preserve the fabric quality and extend the usability.  To prevent the color fade, no bleacher and must hang up to dry in shade and airflow area.


Free shipping in Thailand. No minimum fee for any orders.


We have Free Clothing Repair Services to help you maintain your cloths for a long time.


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