From the intention to create an eco-friendly fashion brand, Kanjira Songpaisan set out to search high and low to find a way to start a sustainable innovative and creative business. Thus, TAKTAI was born from the idea to express a natural and casual lifestyle, using unique natural fibres, recycled fibres and handcrafted fabrics by Thai artisans, to inspire others to live a simple life in harmony with nature, the TAKTAI journey began.


She began her career as an automated tester in the IT field, that is so far away from the fashion business. She worked hard studying and researching about sustainable fashion which she said it is always inside of her. After struggling years of researching and studying, she has discovered Bamboo fibres which became the first step in the garment industry field.

established since 2016

TAKTAI was established since 2016 by the passion to create and innovate natural fabrics and raise awareness of sustainability. Furthermore, TAKTAI is always blending Thai local wisdom, researching and make sustainable fashion affordable. “TAKTAI is the proudest thing in my life; I just want people to touch and feel how loveliness nature is, and realize why we should take care of the environment.” Kanjira Need further inspiration here.
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