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Healthy fashion

Healthy fashion

Healthy fashion is the way forward
We take our fashion seriously, which is all about healthy and fashionable eco-friendly living. With our focus on a Healthy & Stylish lifestyle, we want you to feel good in both mind AND body with everything that goes into making up who YOU really ARE!
Our Heritage
TAKTAI is a word that means "greetings" in Thai. We are excited to meet you! As we venture out into the world, every person that meets us is a part of our journey. We want to say hello and welcome everyone who has joined in on this great experience with us. The journey to discovering natural fibers began with a search for sustainable materials. This led me on an adventure through the world of fabric, where I found that the possibilities for natural fibers are endless. From creating your own fabric to using them in a variety of ways, there's no limit on how you can customize and personalize what these materials offer!
The founder
I used to be a programmer, but now I own and operate my own fashion company. When I was programming, my life had a certain routine. But when the fashion industry took off, it became clear that there are many ways to make an impact on our world and create something new every day!
A creative, eco-friendly brand that believes in the power of fashion to inspire sustainable living.
Bring inspiration and innovation to every fashion lover.
Lower carbon footprint.
Zero waste to landfill ambitions.
Be a sustainable and responsible business.
Company Values

Discover and experiment new eco fibers. The process of creating natural materials that are durable, strong but also beautiful is fascinating!
Thai fashion is a unique and beautiful thing. The clothes are made by hand, using local fabrics that have been a centuries-old tradition to create something modern for today's woman with an eye on style or comfort - whatever suits them best!

Mindful Style
Fresh up an endless outfits with joyful colors. Be Inspired by a heartful collections. Feel good in what you wear.

Plant-tech fabrics
Merges modern fashions with the harmony of nature.
Fill up your soul with soft and comfy wears, Let nature heal you.

Forward the smile
We donate to support charities to plant trees and spread more love in the world. Let’s unite to build a better future.

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